Chapter 27


2005 was a year of change. The TDU was renamed the Brainport and the company to

Wicab. Paul choose the name Wicab meaning “lover of honey”, a dedication of his work in

honor of his wife Esther’s maiden name. Paul, Mitch and Yuri and I worked even closer

together where I gained considerably more clinical research knowledge, experience, and


By this time, because I had used the Brainport for over 2 years my residual began to last

longer to a point that I reached a level of compensation based upon how my body

reconnected with my environment. I wasn’t at my peak but I was at a peak of

understanding my potential.

Paul, Mitch and Yuri presented at numerous conventions, arranged meetings with

potential partners and investors to watch me use the device, witness the change and learn

more about the science behind the Brainport. Here’s where my show and tell career

developed, I was star of the Brainport stage.
The news of the research began to spread. Journalist Sandra Blakeslee of The New Times

science section contacted us to write a story about the research. She interviewed me and

the team gathering the Brainport’s history and development, the theory on how it worked,

my experiences with it, and what the future held. I presented another show and tell

demonstration. A photographer took photos of me using the Brainport and out walking on

a trail near the office. This was the big kick off to media frenzy of the research, and on me:

There was no turning back – I became a Brainport star.

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