Alison Bonds Shapiro

Alison Bonds ShapiroAlison Bonds Shapiro

The moment I first said hello to Alison was so powerful that I cried.  The grace of healing and love this woman is filled with impacted me so strongly that I know her spirit will be with me for the rest of my  life.  I am honored to have become her friend and grateful for her presence in my life.

Alison Bonds Shapiro had two debilitating and nearly fatal brain stem strokes in her early fifties. She was profoundly disabled and, she believed, without a productive future. Today, after a remarkable recovery, she is a motivational speaker, a recovery skills teacher, a business consultant, artist, coach, and non-profit leadership mentor. Alison is also a published artist and author.

In the process of facing the depth of her injuries, Alison discovered that her attitude could and would change everything. She came to understand this simple truth: It’s not what happens to us that makes the difference. It’s how we deal with what happens to us that will determine the rest of our lives. Difficult times come to all us. We each can discover possibilities in any circumstance.

An eloquent speaker and gifted storyteller, Alison’s speaking engagements inspire and teach. Over and over again her audiences tell her that she has changed their lives and given them tools to face their challenges.

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