Cheryl Schiltz Photography

One of the amazing results from using the BrainPort Balance Device was the changes it made to my vision.  I now see so much clearer, vividly, precisely, and I see things as a whole and not separate from each other.  I believe this is a result of how the BrainPort re-educated my attention and helped me develop an ability of relating to my environment in direct perception manner.  Meaning, I perceive things directly and in the absence of what I call “filters”, those preconceived perceptions developed through learned behavior, experiences, and even values.

Then, I discovered my first digital camera in 2005.  I was instantly hooked.

As I review photos I took at the very start of taking up photography to what I capture now, the difference is amazing.  Even at the beginning I began noticing the environment behind the surface, those things we don’t see because, perhaps, we don’t look, or we just don’t realize they are there.

I found a hidden beauty of our natural environments and what it’s like to experience being an actual part of that environment.  By stepping into the woods, the gardens, the back road scenery, we become a part of it.  Like a tree, leaves waving hello in the wind, or a field of grass quivering with the kiss of the breeze, we are involved in the lessons of our spaces, we are like the wind and breeze.

In my spare time, I wander into places that never cease to amaze me and always catch my attention and my lens.  From people, to places, beauty, and silly things, I capture what I see as I experience my way into the place I am.  

Throughout my Blog you’ll see some of my images.  For more, I invite you to take a journey into places I’ve visited on my Flickr page at

Please note that all my images/photos are:

© Cheryl Schiltz Photography

No use of my images in any form or manner is allowed without my explicit and written consent. Copyright laws are in effect.

Enjoy the journey.  Thank you for looking!

Have a picture perfect day!

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