BJ Pfeiffer

BJBJ Pfeiffer

BJ Pfeiffer is one of those people that when you meet you see success.  You also see a kind, committed, and giving woman who sees life as an opportunity to make a difference.  That is what she has made in my life, a difference in countless ways.

BJ built her own company from the bottom up and is now an established and esteemed business owner of Enterprise Solutions Technology Group.  She is a monument of entrepreneurship that is recognized by business leaders throughout the area.  Her work in information technology consulting reaches world wide.

You might wonder how I our paths crossed.  Well, BJ was one of the local organizations who won a grant providing persons with disabilities employment training and jobs, TechWorks was born.  BJ came to appreciate the need for employment assistance for youth and adults with disabilities that she formed The EmployAbility Project.  During this time, I was Coordinator for a Wisconsin statewide program called Peer Power, a program dedicated to providing knowledge, skills and peer support for youth with disabilities in transition from high school to work and adult life.  BJ wanted to help more so within EmployAbility, the Student Transition to Employment Program was born.  That’s how we met.  BJ invited me to join the Business Advisory Council for the program and the rest is history.

BJ impacts life in a way that I don’t think she really knows she does.  She has made incredible differences in the lives of persons with disabilities, her community, and really, just about everywhere she goes.  I am so grateful for her friendship, her support, encouragement, and her trust in me to be a part of the work she does.  She has no idea how much she has impacted my life.  Thank you BJ.

To learn more about BJ and her company here are a few links you can follow:

Click to access qa_lpsf_pfeiffer.pdf


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