Where Do I Start?

When I first began my Blog writing adventure I agonized on where to start.  I wandered around in several attempts and never quite got in the groove.  There was so much I wanted to say, to talk about, to share that it all and it seemed to all want to come out at once!  I worked on chapters, paragraphs, and even short little sentences, all without an ending that made sense.  I was trying to capture everything at once rather than take time to explore the journey.

I spoke with my son, Kris, a journalism graduate, and asked him what I can do to really get my Blog going.  His advice was monumental in starting the blaze that now fuels my passion;  “Start anywhere…  don’t worry about grammar, punctuation, spelling, or even upper or lower case – just start typing what you are thinking about, what you feel, what you have experienced and later, when it’s on paper, you can sort it out to how you want to present it.”  Wow.  Simple and wow.

The same thing can apply to what one struggles with when induction into disability-hood leads them to a place without direction and what to do next.  Like my Blog, there are so many things to talk about, to be frightened about, to share, to wonder, to experience, and to say, that one can become beside themselves as to how to put it all together.  Trying to put disability and life together.

My son’s advice was right on in that starting anywhere naturally brought everything to one place.  You can do that too.  What are you feeling right now – there it is, the starting point.  Go for it, look at it, talk to it and about it, do it, push it out of your way, explore it, accept it, and embrace the next step.

You can do it and you can define your chapters as you re-define your life.


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