Bill Angelos

DSC_3853Bill Angelos  1938-2019

Bill, a former and famous Emmy Award Winning Hollywood producer and writer left Hollywood behind for a life of pursuing an understanding, personal relationships and study of the work of other famous individuals such as Physicist David Bohm, Psychologist James J. Gibson, and Philosophical leader Jiddu Krishnamurti.  When Paul Bach-y-Rita introduced Bill to the Brainport technology it sparked associations of approaches Bill had learned and studied from Bohm, Gibson and Krishnamurti revolving around perception and ecological psychology.

Bill’s audio/video expertise captured amazing moments of the BrainPort’s research and development history.  Bill has shared with me his understanding and videography of my experiences and discoveries throughout my many years of experiencing the Brainport.   Thank you my friend, may your Eagle never cease it’s journey.

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