The EmployAbility Project

The EmployAbility Project

It was difficult to decide where to put this page because the woman behind The EmployAbility Project is also one of my favorite people, BJ Pfieffer.  Meeting BJ is like meeting one of your best friends for the first time over and over again.  She is ambitious, intelligent, beautiful, fun, amazing and I am grateful for all she has done for me, the opportunities she has opened for me, and for her friendship.  Yea, I think I need to add BJ to my favorite people page too…

As a member of the Business Advisory Council, I have enjoyed working with The EmployAbility Project for nearly four years.  The EmployAbility Project is dedicated to providing training, assistance, guidance and support to persons with disabilities to realize their employment goals in technical and other fields.

Please take a moment to view this informative video with opening remarks from U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin:

Through the combined efforts of all the members of the Business Advisory Council, The EmployAbility Project has also developed a series of hands on training classes for youth with disabilities called the Student Transition to Employment Program or STEP.  These classes introduce youth with disabilities who are in transition from high school to the world of employment and independence and important skills such as:  Taking charge and self-advocacy, job seeking, career exploration and planning, applications and resumes, interviews, social media, developing professional networks and, exciting company tours.

For more information about The EmployAbility Project and the STEP program, please contact BJ Pfieffer at:

The EmployAbility Project/STEP, 403 West Washington Avenue, Madison, WI  (608) 442-1166

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