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Cheryl Schiltz

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  1. Claire Ryce says:

    Hi Cheryl, My name is Claire Ryce and I am in the process of reading The Brain that changes itself by Norman Doidge. I have come to the part where he healed you of your “wobbles” by this device
    that goes in your mouth. I had a stroke 10 years ago but my balance is still something to be desired and was wondering if such a device would help me?? Can you tell me if I can get it in Canada, or where in the States would I have to go?

    Thank you for anything you can give me in advance, I shall be forever grateful!!

    Claire Ryce

    PS I’m 73

    • Hello Claire,
      Sorry to hear of your stroke and the balance problems you have. I understand how difficult this can be.

      I regards to finding a device, I’m sorry to say that to my knowledge it is no longer However, researchers who were involved in the original development of the Brainport have continued their work on a different platform. Perhaps they can assist you.

      I appreciate your message and truly hope that you find relief.

      PS – it was not Norman Doidge who healed me, he wrote his book based upon people and how they healed themselves.

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