Welcome Home

Chapter 26

Welcome Home


My return to Indian Lake left shining crystals of joy in my heart.  It was there I felt my

feet firmly touch the ground, it was there a lighted spirit opened and danced its way

around me.  It was there my connection with the environment rose up in such a

remarkable way that nothing I passed went unnoticed of its sight, smell, and sound.

I’ve mentioned this before and will again, everything meant more.  A clarity of which I’d

never experienced offered me a view of the vivid detailed beauty of everything around us.

This was my first real step to calm and quiet.  The noise of suffocating change disappeared

from my thoughts; my thoughts disappeared from its control.


Not only did my surroundings become monumentally clear, so did the relationships with

people in my life.  It became clear that I needed to rid myself of the toxic and move on

to live gratefully and thankful.  I found an apartment and moved out and away from SFB,

I did indeed love every moment of that.  I separated myself from actions that held me

back from healing.  I released long ago trauma that battered my thoughts with reminders.

I returned with such force that it was enormously clear to me that I was important, that it

was important to be living my authentic self.


I feel when something you’ve lost is found there is an explosion of relief.  The

experience of something lost and found amplifies the direction one takes.  There comes

with that the need to share experience, the need to share lessons learned, and inspire

people that healing power lies within, with or without technology, its in all of

us.  Its finding the power that’s the hard part, but its there.  As my friend Michele

Rosenthal says “You have enormous healing potential.  The goal is learning to access it. 

Dig deep, you can do this.  I believe in you“.  Michele is a survivor of trauma.  She now

shares her experience aiding others towards healing from their trauma and the force of

PTSD that entangles it.   Her insights help trauma survivors escape from the past

and welcome the future.  Michele is truly an expert, a living trauma survivor expert.  If

you’d like to learn more about Michele and her work here is a link:



I found my healing potential, I found my way out trauma that wanted to define me,

to frighten away my true potential.  However, it was my true potential that guided me

home.  With arms wide open I wrapped myself around it, I welcomed myself home.


About Cheryl Schiltz Photography

Thank you for visiting, I hope you are enjoying my photography. I've happily been a photographer for over 25 years making it a passion of mine. My work has been inspired by places near and far, those I never thought I'd visit and by the work of others I so very much respect from whom I've learned so much. The vibrant colors of the outdoors take me home and when they stand still just long enough for me to admire and capture them in landscapes, forests, flowers, all things our beautiful world holds, I find myself complete. I hope you enjoy my work and give my page a like. I'd love to see you here.
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