Still Jettisoned to Right now but…. Okay, Pity Party Over

            This week I added a pity party post.  Felt good, really, really good.  The noise needed to come out.  So there, I have spent time with it and now it’s time to move on towards my goal with what I will now consider an additional certification in disability expertise.  Dang, I should have a PhD by now don’t you think? 

I listened to the noise, I screamed at it, I cried with it.  Then through the sound of silence I’ve come to know and love, I put this noise in its proper space of experience.  I’m sure it’ll pop up every now and then, of course it will, but on my terms. 

            Let’s get on with it then, shall we?  Where did I leave off when so rudely interrupted… oh yes, the “I think we did something really bad”… strange how that showed up at the same time as…  

            It’s fascinating how it took years for me to leave the noisy pity party when I first lost my balance and it took less than a week to say so long to the host of this one.  Is it that I’m getting used to the noise of disability interrupting or is that I have conquered the volume knob?  Hmm…  Either way, I just know that energy lost caught up in the noise is energy lost catching up with life.  I like that I can change the volume and tune in silence. I like that I have a silenced perception of disability…

Dave Steffen Band Riley Tavern 678

            I have a goal in mind, I have something to say, I have a story to share, and my hope is that I make a difference.  Hanging out with losers at a pity party only serves as lost time.  The time is now to dry the tears, sweep away the anger, and disconnect the pissed button.

All in a Row

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