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From Sitting to Standing Strong

Chapter 15 From Sitting to Standing Strong           Mitch and Yuri, and I continued the trials and I could feel my ability to remain centered and still improving with each trial. Then something extraordinary took place. When the TDU was … Continue reading

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I interrupt this chronicle for an important message from 1998-99

Chapter 11 Image from Google Images 3-27-14 I interrupt this chronicle for an important message from 1998-99 I would be remiss if I didn’t include this information into my story.        When I was introduced to my crazy wobbling, bouncing, … Continue reading

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What if….

With the results from the initial trials in, we pondered how, for that small amount of time after using the TDU, the changes in my ability to maintain a balanced position were occurring.  No one knew, but I was certainly … Continue reading

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