What if….

With the results from the initial trials in, we pondered how, for that small amount of time after using the TDU, the changes in my ability to maintain a balanced position were occurring.  No one knew, but I was certainly enthusiastic to continue additional trials to see what more could happen! 

So far, trials were conducted in a sitting position, but I began feeling a need to do more.  Because of the positive effects I was experiencing, all I could think about was trying the device while… standing.  After all, although difficult, sitting wasn’t as challenging to my whole being as standing was.  I wanted so badly to try it!  Problem was, standing trials were not a part of the original protocol and Mitch and Yuri were very disciplined to sticking with it.  However, that aside, it did not stop me from attempting to convince Yuri to give standing a try, just once, just to see what happens.  I confidently proclaimed a disclaimer holding all parties involved completely harmless of any possible danger or harm to myself or others.  All I knew is that after all the years of being captive to such life altering changes; I just HAD to try it!  The sitting trials made a difference, I felt it, it was visible, and the data proved it.  So, it HAS to work standing, right? 

During a regularly scheduled appointment to complete additional trials, I pleaded with Yuri to please let me try the device standing – please, please, please!  I just knew something amazing would be discovered, I just knew it.  I presented Yuri with the facts; the connections I felt, the way I was stabilizing, the little residuals we had discovered, what if I’m right, and how safe I would be with him at my side.  I saw a twinkle in his eyes as he closed the door, turned to me and said in his strong Russian accent, “okay, let’s do it”.  My heart jumped with excitement and joy!

So, with door closed, in silent researcher whispers, we set the TDU on top a cardboard box to raise it to the now higher level with the construction hat on my head.  Yuri and I looked at each other in experimental keenness, and like two little kids in a candy store, we turned things on and began trial one using the TDU while standing.

In keeping with the exact same standard of the sitting trials, we began without the TDU, eyes open and eyes closed.  This provided us with a documented baseline of abilities, basically, what I was capable of doing and not doing.  Standing without the TDU eyes open was difficult, eyes closed, impossible.  Then, we introduced the TDU.  I placed it on my tongue, dialed in a level of comfortable sensation and we began the trail that changed everything.

When using the device, eyes open, I could stand still, but the magic moment was when I closed my eyes.  Words can barely describe what I experienced that day; there I stood, feet together, arms at my side – perfectly, beautifully, wonderfully still.  Any doubt or fear I had about what was happening to me in that tiny lab in Madison, WI, disappeared.  My heart literally overflowed with hope, my eyes with tears of amazing grace.  It was the first time in over five years that I was embraced with magnificent stillness and connected to the glorious silence that accompanied it.   Little did I know that at that moment I became a part of a circle of discovery that would change my life, and the lives of others, forever.

Zoomed in Purple

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