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Still in the Present Day: Going up, Coming Down, Somewhere in Between

           Things started out pretty good and seemed to be moving up and along well.  Then – I started feeling lethargic, weak, and could barely move from one place to another.  Then the rash appeared.  Yep, another allergic reaction to … Continue reading

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I’m Curious… A Step Back into Right Now, Today.

            About trauma.  Are there levels of trauma that set a foundation and draw up blueprint designs consisting of levels of reactions and experiences for other traumas to set their footings upon?   I’m curious if the original and first trauma … Continue reading

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This Just In… A Jettison to Right Now…

Really?  Another Addition to my DisABILITY Resume??? Pretty much all I could say this past Monday was, WTF…             This past Monday, July 8, 2013, I learned the results of an EEG I had the week prior to investigate why … Continue reading

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