Just Kept Getting Better

Chapter 24

Just Kept Getting Better

Little by little the residual lasted longer, up to 5-6 hours. Stronger was the experience of being reconnected to an everyday life, so much more than I ever experienced. My body and mind blended with my surroundings; I felt beautifully touched by it all. Like the homecoming of long lasting sun as daylight springs forward, I appeared with it. Everyday felt like Independence Day.


The relief of not knowing where I was in space, covered with weight of gravity gone, was enormous. The constant distressing thought that trickled throughout my body vanished and a calm silent existence took over. Growing stronger and more meaningful was that vibrant connection to all things around me, and me around it.



I used every bit of residual feeling “normal”. I used every second to reinforce how my body used to work, to exercise it in residual freedom. I challenged myself to walk longer and farther enjoying things I worried had disappeared forever. I stood on uneven surfaces, kept my body and head straight and gazed into the beauty around of me, in me. I pushed the limits. I wanted my body to remember what the residual felt like after it was gone. I worked out lifting residual weights. The more I lifted, the more my body remembered, the more my body remembered, the better my abilities, the better my abilities, the better my life. It was fascinating to experience this, to feel it, to be it.

About Cheryl Schiltz Photography

Thank you for visiting, I hope you are enjoying my photography. I've happily been a photographer for over 25 years making it a passion of mine. My work has been inspired by places near and far, those I never thought I'd visit and by the work of others I so very much respect from whom I've learned so much. The vibrant colors of the outdoors take me home and when they stand still just long enough for me to admire and capture them in landscapes, forests, flowers, all things our beautiful world holds, I find myself complete. I hope you enjoy my work and give my page a like. I'd love to see you here.
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