Central Focus, Visual Proof

Chapter 22 – 2003

Central Focus, Visual Proof

Nearly finished with my studies at MATC, I prepared to transfer into UW-Madison. This was a monumental time which both excited me and scared the heck out of me. But, there was the residual I could lean on.

I was using the TDU religiously, two times a day and discovered the residual was lasting longer and longer. My confidence exploded to a level I’d never experience before. Although the residual time was still limited, I literally began to feel free of what I thought would never go away. That freedom changed how I saw myself, the world and, changed how the world saw me.

I was the first and only person to experience, what I called the “under the influence” effects of the TDU. I was the only one who understood completely what it was like to feel and benefit from its powerful effects. For these reasons and more I suddenly became the central focus for presentations, the search for grant applications, partners, and angel investors, a CEO, and the science community at large.

Then the focus became my time to display the effects as visual proof to watch and talk about. Don’t get me wrong, I completely supported these efforts to raise awareness of the TDU.  This had to be done to share the news of what we were doing and the results we were getting. The one thing that couldn’t be explained was how it worked – how it provided the residual effect – we didn’t know. There were discussions that my brain was changing, that new pathways were developing to send signals of balance to my brain, that sensory substitution was indeed happening, to the belief perceptual changes were taking place. There were several speculations, all of which later would join together. All I knew then is that it was working.

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