All hands on deck! Or should I say Tongue?

Chapter 20

All Hands on Deck, or should I say Tongue! 2003

          The call came in – time to restart and reignite the research.

I still had my studies in college to think about. By this time I had plans to

transfer to the Rehabilitation Psychology program at UW-Madison but the break between

finishing MATC and starting UW-Madison gave me time to connect with the research in a

deeper way.


A lot of preparation had gone into this next phase, the office, the testing area, the

protocols, everything needed to move along. My role then as Subject Zero was to use the

TDU daily twice daily to assess changes in the residual times discovered earlier.

I was asked to log my experiences to keep track of how I felt prior to my use,

during, and after – how long any residual lasted and the changes I felt. Prior to writing

down my experiences, I had shared what was happening to me by talking to Yuri and

Mitch. The more we talked the more my input helped paved the way. Here’s where I really

began to feel like a researcher, this is when I became Subject Zero, Co-investigator.


This is where the change in my life really started.

My Favorite Food

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