It was very much as if I were a child learning how to sit, stand, or walk.  I held no concept to my connection to perception, to perceiving where I was in space.  Through what were most likely basic survival instincts, I began to maneuver my body in such ways to try and trick it into a false sense of, gravity.  After all, I no longer had a concept of gravity – I was nowhere, anywhere in space.  I was floating in nothingness completely void of a center, of a place from which to set a direction.

I began using a cane as a third point of reference to where I was in this mixed up world I was trying to accommodate to.  Yea, I had to accommodate to being completely opposite to everything, right down who I thought I was.

My posture went from upright and proud to stooped over, rigid, feet wide apart, head down hoping to simply get from one place to the other without falling to the ground.


(photo from Google Images)

          Seriously, I was disconnected from my world.  I was a mistaken identity to myself and to my surroundings.  I couldn’t participate in my surroundings as I was consumed with trying to figure out where I was, how to go anywhere, how to relate to anything around me and trying not to fall down.  I was in a nothingness void of complete separation from what use to be and where I was placed without permission trying desperately to find a way to reconnect to something I could hold on to again.

About Cheryl Schiltz Photography

Thank you for visiting, I hope you are enjoying my photography. I've happily been a photographer for over 25 years making it a passion of mine. My work has been inspired by places near and far, those I never thought I'd visit and by the work of others I so very much respect from whom I've learned so much. The vibrant colors of the outdoors take me home and when they stand still just long enough for me to admire and capture them in landscapes, forests, flowers, all things our beautiful world holds, I find myself complete. I hope you enjoy my work and give my page a like. I'd love to see you here.
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