Marty Larson

Marty_LarsonMarty Larson

Marty and I met through a friend of mine, Liadon, who I met through our mutual  Brainport balance device experiences.  Marty was giving a talk and mentioned Norman Doidge’s book “The Brain the Changes Itself” and me and my friend said, “Hey!  I know that lady!”  So, through Liadon, Marty and I connected, I visited her in Stillwater, MN where I was able to see first hand what she does.  We continue to stay in touch and hopefully will be working together in the future.  Marty and the work she does is really amazing!  Check her out!

Marty is a motivational coach and speaker who combines cutting edge neurological training with her passion to help people create new habits and change those areas of their lives they struggle with. As a former corporate commodities trader and project manager, with advanced degrees in business, she is able to integrate her business experience with her love of helping people.  

 She strongly believes we all need coaches to help guide us, inspire us, and direct us, and who are affirming and supportive during the process. Her mission is to help us better understand ourselves through education and support, owning our health and wellness to the fullest extent possible.

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