Robert Beckman

Bob Beckman(2)

Robert Beckman

Bob came to Wicab as the president and chief executive in 2004.  It was his impeccable business management expertise that set life to Wicab, Inc.  Bob guided the company from the days of early prototypes to testing and design changes to clinical trials and into a product of reality.  From it’s humble beginnings to its now worldwide recognition, Bob has taken Wicab, Inc. into delivering life-changing differences in the lives of individuals with visual and balance disorders.  I am grateful to Bob for the amazing experiences I had as Subject Zero, as clinical coordinator, as a consultant, and as a co-investigator of the Brainport Balance Device research.  These experiences have shaped my future in ways I have yet to have the privilege to share.  Thank you Bob for bringing Paul Bach-y-Rita’s extraordinary discoveries to the world.

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